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EDIUS 5 and Logic Keyboard

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  • SoundFreak
    I also looked at that page a long time ago, it should be compatible as Edius 5 did not change much as regarding keyboard short cuts (Still customizable)

    Keep in mind that this keyboard is not the nice Apple quality but the Cheapo plastic aka made in China "feel" (very sad)

    Similar to the Canopus keyboard they gave me free when I bought Edius NX bundle, looks nice (acceptable) but not nice to touch (compared to Apple)

    You could go for a standard Apple keyboard or Apple Pro (very nice - no color coding) but besides the "Apple Key" (like the Windows Key) doesn't work, the keys are heaven to touch ...............

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  • Trax
    started a topic EDIUS 5 and Logic Keyboard

    EDIUS 5 and Logic Keyboard

    Is Logic Keyboard ( compatible with EDIUS 5?