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    Originally posted by Belphegor View Post
    Version 5 is claimed as a major release.

    For a major release I usually expect improvements in areas where GV and users recognize lacks and issues.

    Major release Edius 5 did not answer to my expectations: I hoped better things, but it's not this turn and maybe never will be.

    Then it's a delusion.

    For me, obviously.

    Hope not to offend anyone.
    Every thread that I have read from you has "delusion" in it. It is offensive and not very constructive, so I hope your vocabulary increases. While there are a lot of things not in Edius that I would like to see, the upgrade is well worth the price. If you don't think so, then don't buy it.


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      Constructive criticism is always welcome, when it engages positive, active discussion.

      Anything to the contrary, is likely to quickly end the life of that thread, with repeated offences putting the poster at risk of a temporary ban.

      Thankfully, nobody has done this...yet.


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        My intention was not to offend anyone.
        I apologize since now for any inconvenience my words have caused.

        However, I expected much more.
        I will still keep on waiting. No problems.
        I don't question if the upgrade worths or not: money is not my matter.
        I simply feel rather crestfallen.



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          We're very aware that to some, this latest release would not offer the vast array of new feature additions to the core application, that previous releases did. This is why we made sure to offer compelling upgrade pricing, and a high value third-party software bundle, to help in that regard.

          EDIUS will continue to evolve, like any software package. If you don't want to jump on board, that's fine, but a likely v6 is still a long way off.