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Where are the clip markes? (v5)

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  • zvit

    Well Jim, I think so too! So why don't I ask him myself... Wait... I just did! He says it's the demo software and thanks for finally resolving this for me! :-))

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  • Jim N
    I think we have to ask ZVIT if he is using the Demo software or has purchased an upgrade. This is not really clear from his posts. The Demo software doesn't come with the third-party extras or drivers for any cards. It is software only.

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  • zvit

    EDIUS NX Series (PCIe)

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  • pjsssss
    What "Canopus video card" do you have?

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  • zvit

    First, thanks SO much for the explaination about clip markers! (btw, you can jump between clip markers by clicking CTRL+Arrow keys, both in player window AND the timeline).

    This is a big disappointment since I hardly ever use the player window. I just drag my footage to the timeline and edit. Having to relaod clips to the player window just to place a clip marker and then having to get it back to the timeline is a big pain especially if it's a complex edited timeline.
    Furthermore, If I place clip markers on a clip and then nest that sequence in another sequence... I DON'T see the clip markers! So what's the point???
    Forget it.

    About the video card, I don't have STORM so I still need help here. What drivers do I need to install?


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  • pjsssss
    I think Hans has covered the Clip markers.

    The other effects are on the Bonus Content Disc and must be installed separately. After that, they will show up in the Effects palette.

    What card are you using? If it is Storm you will not get video out with E5. Support is at an end for that.

    I have not checked the latest help file but the manual (so I assume the help also) is not completed yet and should be out shortly.

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  • vienna1944er
    to 1) ........(and please excuse my "gibberish" englisch.....)

    clip is in the activated left " player Window" (small blue border)
    player CTI is on the to "marked frame"
    press [V] for set a >Clipmarker<
    Menue >> Marker >> Edit Marker ( write your text for this position... i.e. Audio issue \ Video issue \ cutpoint etc. etc )
    violaaa ... the text will show up in the player window.....

    better way: ......
    atkivate the "No assignmet" shortcut >Edit marker cursor< to a assignmet from your choice ........ why:

    the name from this shortcut is false \ incomplete ...... it is only correct when the CTI stand on frame with a marker
    stand the CTI on on frame without a marker .... it set a marker and simultaneously opened the textwindow to write the markertext

    with [ A ] respectively [ S ] ...... you can jump with the CTI , from one to the next clipmarker forward or back ....... aviable in the player-window and ditto on the timeline

    on the timeline you can see (only) the clipmarkersymbol's .... but ugly \ unacceptable not the text behind the clipmarkersymbols

    jerky workarond on the timeline: place per [A] or [S] the CTI exact on the clipmarker >> mark the clip >> press button >Display master clip< or [ Alt ] + [ F ]
    >> the marked clip jumps exact on the frame with the markertext in the player window and you can read the text to this marker ......

    in the small time, behind the first open the clip in player-window and before you send it to the timeline,
    you can edit repeatedly the text from the marker, you can added more markers.

    But is the clip on the timeline, you can per >Display master clip< edit the text from the marker, you can added more markers,
    but this results in a "new instance" from this clip ..... no contex to the clip in timeline, but you can add to bin .....
    but you will never see the "edited text" or the "added marker" on the timeline until you change the clip on the timeline towards the "new instance"
    It is Imho a effect from " no masterclip rules are aviable in Edius"

    If you are familiar with "locators" ...... (the broadcast-industriestandard for clipmarkers)
    ... do not search in Edius for "set the clipmarkers with different colors
    ... do not search in Edius for a "clipmarker-List \Palette with different sortable columns for TC \ color \ user \ text \ date \ time and a thumbnail from the frame
    ... do not search in Edius for "change the " Timeline-View" to "Clip-View" for set Clipmarkers comfortable over the wide from one or two 24" monitors can set the "clipmarker" (at this time) only in the small \ fuzzy microtimeline from the playerwindow.

    I see great aund good things in my 5.0 Upgrade,...... and the price imho ridiculous small for this Update and his adjuncts.

    I preferred rather more to buy, and to get eventually the most "basic" NLE tools.......
    I can only hope ..... the "clipmarker-project" was broken by 15% progress \ integration, in favour of IBC termin.

    friendly greetings from europe\austria\vienna ..... old but not morbid) Hans ;-)

    PS: Menue >> Marker >> are settings aviable to see (or not) the climarkers-symbol and text
    a) on timeline
    b) on playerwindow
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  • zvit
    started a topic Where are the clip markes? (v5)

    Where are the clip markes? (v5)

    Ok, I installed V5 and have some questions:

    1. There is supposed to be an ability to add markers to a clip. I looked everywhere and can't figure out how to do so.

    2. The only thing new in the effects panel is GPU transitions. Where are the Audio VST filter, the stablizer, the prodad, the new video filters and all the 3rd party plugins that are listed as "what's new in v5"???

    3. My sound and external display is connected to my Canopus video card. After I installed v5, the card doesn't work. I don't hear sound from it and I don't get a display on my external TV monitor.

    4. Why when I try to open the "help" I get a message "Failed to launch help". Where am I supposed to get help from?

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