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best way to put 4 clips on the screen

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  • best way to put 4 clips on the screen

    I'm working with some 320 x 240 clips and since they are low res want to put 4 of them on the screen at the same time. Right now I'm dropping a black background on track 1 and the 4 edited clips stacked on tracks 2-5, applying the PIP effect to each each track separately, then positioning them one at a time so they all fill the screen. Is there an easier way to do this? Just wanted to check cause this is WORK! :)
    Jim Edds

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    Enable the cross hairs and title safe guides to get them in proper position. I would use 3d PinP, you have more control.

    Also enable the setting where EDIUS lets you see the underlying clips during changing values of other filters/keyers. I think it was called "Blend effects" or something its in the Application settings.


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      After you have positioned all your cilps the first time
      Go to each " Key" track on each track in turn
      Having selected the key go to the "Information" Palette and right click the PIP keyer and select "Save as Current User Preset"
      The preset will appear in the "Effects" Palette
      Select the preset, right click and slecect "Change Name"
      Type a name like PIP Top Left, PIP Top Right as appropriate for each track and all you have to do is drag the appropriate PIP onto the clip and it will be
      Regards Barry
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        You can also use the pre-sets made by others, see this link:

        See the one named 3DPIP with 4 and 9 window pre-sets. They work in Edius 4. I don't know if they work in V5.
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          I'd use the Layout tool. In fact, there are buttons you can use to position the frame in upper-left, upper-right, lower-left, and lower-right corners.


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            LAYOUT TOOL? I've done everything in the above mentioned posts to get the same results. what is the layout tool?
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              Hit F7 with the clip selected. Much less overhead than 3D PIP.