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Imaginate 2.0 File Size Question

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  • Imaginate 2.0 File Size Question

    I've been using Imaginate 2.0 for quite sometime and for many photo montage projects. I use Render Video using the DV AVI and MS DV codec to import into my Avid Liquid Edition NLE (getting ready to cross over to Edius 5.0 however)

    I got an error today for the first time that says my project is too big to export in that file format. I do fine right up until my file size for the project exceeds 2.0 gig. Is there a file size limitation for the Render Video option?

    I have 109 pictures at 720X480 size. My client wants the pics to stay on the screen for 9 seconds each. I can get it up to 7 seconds (1.8gig file size), but as soon as I change the length to 8 seconds, I get the error.

    Is this normal?


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    Make sure you export an OpenDML/AVI2 file, not a VfW AVI file, as VfW AVIs are limited to 2 GB.