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placing video with timecode information

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  • placing video with timecode information

    For further improving the multicam editing mode i suggest that different captured videos should placed with the assistance of timecode included.
    For example: Under freerun timecode conditions in camera select all captured videos on a track, then placing all in relation to the first one. Each video is placed not consecutivly but under calculation the distance with the help of diffenence of "out and in timecode information" between two consecutive videos.

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    I'm assuming that this is something different to the current camera syncing options available in EDIUS now? (e.g. In, Out, Timecode)


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      This does sound like what we already have...


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        I am using Edius 4.61. So i am not sure if this feature is already implemented in Edius 5

        The goal of this feature request is fast placing of documentary shots onto tracks:

        First: making establishing shot with two or more cameras synchronized by old fashioned method of shooting one acustical and optical event with all cameras running in freerun timecode mode.

        second: making individualy and independently shots from common or different events. All Cameras running in freerun timecode mode all over the time. Also if they are switched off.

        third: Capturing all shots and placing them on timeline. each camera is placed of its own track. So if you have three cameras you have three track.

        fourth: Place the instablishing shots of all cameras synchronized to each other on timeline (see first)

        fifth: Nor placing all other shots of one track by calculating the time difference between out-time of the foregoing shot and the in-time of the following shot. If you do that you have a quick overview where many cameras give an view of the same event or different event at the same time.

        sixth: Switch between the different angles of all cameras with multicam mode.

        Thats all. Edit all things together, make dvd or others :-)

        The precision of this procedure depents only on the timecode precision of cameras used. If have tried this procedure and the difference has only long term aspects. In 3 hours the accuracy was only 2 frames difference. This should acceptabel for a documentary.

        Focko Frieling


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          Originally posted by pjsssss View Post
          This does sound like what we already have...
          Please can you tell me , how does this work in Edius 5. I can not find this option?

          Thanks in advance