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Dip to white, additive dissolve (Addons... how to?)

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  • Dip to white, additive dissolve (Addons... how to?)

    1. I need to make a dissolve, but can't fInd how to make it dip into white.
    2. Saw here guys used addons. Downloaded some, and don't know which folder to put in... tell me, please. ))

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    In the Bin create a new Clip>Color Matte, make it white.
    Add the new clip to the Timeline above your video and use the Transparancy Rubber Band to fade!
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      1.There are number of ways to do it.
      2. Open EDIUS and right click in the ‘Effect’ palette.
      At the bottom of the drop down menu you will see ‘Import’ selection, click it.
      In the open dialog select the ‘tpd’ file (Effect Preset File) you want to use.
      When done, you should have a new preset at the bottom of the ‘Effect’ tree.
      Just use it like any other preset.