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Can't Edit MP4V Files

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  • Can't Edit MP4V Files

    I only have a 2.79 GHZ pentium 4 computer with 1 gig of ram and a Nvidia FX5200 video card. I previously couldn't get the program to work without freezing. I upadetd the driver for my Video card and now the program works. Still have the problem with not being able to edit MP4V files from my Sony Net Sharing Cam. I can just edit files in my Sony Vegas 8 and then save video file and import it into Edius Neo if I have to. Files from my Canon camera which are avi files and files from my older Kodak camera that are mov files work fine.

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    You could try renaming the MP4V to MOV or MP4 and see... otherwise yes, you'll have to convert it outside of EDIUS.


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      I add MOV files to a project. They can be added but with no sound. I can only get my AVI files to fully work with sound. Cause otherwise this isn't a very old program so these MOV files and MP4V files should work but I understand there could be problems with the program reading those files. Could I rename a file to avi or something else so these files are readable?


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        MOVs will have sound, but certain types of audio compression aren't supported.