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Edius Pro3 -procoder error

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  • Edius Pro3 -procoder error

    could someone help me with this problem. trying to output less that 1.5 hour footage to MPEG2. once it gets to around 96% completion, it stops with an error message "the disk is full procoder can not write anymore"
    I have almost 100 gig free space on the target disk. Any idea?

    Thanks, Z

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    Did you check the disk for defragmentation ?
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      thanks for the tip I'll do it tonight. the drive is one Ter-bite. it may take long.


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        Disk fragmentation won't cause an error, but file system damage could, so you may want to run a disk check. I would also check to make sure that the temporary file location (Options -> Transcoding Settings -> Conversion Options) has sufficient space if it is different from the output location.


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          how much space do you have left on the C drive? procoder uses it for the temp folder

          C drive needs to be formatted NTFS or things can stop at 4GB which is the Fat32 limit

          also, be sure your destination drive is NTFS

          an IDE drive or Sata drive starts to cause problems when over 80% full

          in your case, the drive is 90% full
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            Very valid points. my C dirve has only 1.5 gig space left and I do get 4GB error lately when trying output to DV. Thanksfor the tip!!!

            [B]thanks for all your suggestions. the problem was solved it was the drive not being formated as NTFS.[/B]
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