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    Hi folks,

    Can you please tell me why my system is not letting me place a default transition on the V1 track between a three sec' still and a four sec' color matte???


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    Transition longer than the clip
    Ripple Mode on, adjacent clips restricting the ripple.
    Extend Clip on, not enough clip to extend.
    Locked Track
    Rusty Rogers | Films
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      Hey Rusty - still struggling here, sorry!

      "Transition longer than the clip" - No!

      "Ripple Mode on" - I'm still confused about this, if I go above the timeline to the Ripple Mode icon, it has a red line through it. So that means it's off, yes?
      When I go into Application Settings, in the Default Box niether Sync or Ripple Mode are checked, is that correct? This is a part that really confuses me!
      If I click on the Ripple Mode icon above the timeline, that does not affect my settings - should it?

      "adjacent clips restricting the ripple". Can you please explain what you mean by that?

      "Extend Clip on" Do you mean in Application Settings where it says Extend clips when applying transition/cross fade?

      "not enough clip to extend" - Yeap, there's plenty!

      "Locked Track" - No!

      Sorry about this, I'm feeling pretty dumb at the moment!! Thanks for any other help you or anyone else put my way.



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        Highlighted track

        Mark - I know this may seem silly, but I've inadvertantly tried to add a default transition to a track that was NOT highlighted. I just duplicated your situation here on v.5, and works fine with Ctrl-P. When another track other than V1 is highlighted, it doesn't respond.
        Just hoping!
        Alan J. Levi

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          Hi Alan,

          Thanks for that. It is however still not doing as I want. The clip I just inserted was plenty long enough for a half second dissolve, but it wouldnt let me put the transition in until I made the clip a few move frames longer. The clip is now 3 sec + 32 fms.

          Thanks again


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            Mark, I tried 3 sec picture & 4 sec color matte on 1V and have no problem to put any transition/effect between them.

            Can you use other effects ?
            Can you move the clips to the end of the timeline and try it there ?
            Can you set the image for 5 sec and color matte for 5 sec then trim it to 3 and 4 then put the default effect ?
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