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Edius 5 no Explode Transitions?

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    Gpu effects needs work, but I think that the engine suffers from the overal alpha limitation of EDIUS.
    As soon as that limitation is History I assume all other plugin/addons will have their alpha problems solved.
    Untill then most work arounds still apply. Unfortunately for some things there are no work arounds.
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      Originally posted by MasSaRi View Post
      hey all long time no see ... sorry seems to be busy for a while ... well ive being like 3 hours reading all the threats and the topics and i was kinda Anxious to see what Edius 5 made of ... True there are many difference between Edius 4 and Edius 5 but i made xplode pro work for Edius 5 and keeping Edius 4 near Edius 5
      here it works :
      u need to install a program called the uninstaller it will remove the Edius 4program with all the registery key in it ... like it didnt even exsist on ur window ... next install ur Edius 5 nothing Else restart ur Pc and then Install Edius 4 then install Xplode pro... copy the Tpi files into Edius 5 plugin then Copy the Xplodepro Enging folder to Edius 5 double click on it to see if it still work then close and open Edius 5 search for Xplode pro and here it is ull see it Color map - 3d Objects ... everything everything works fine
      Thanks you all
      Thanks a lot. I have just copied the tdi files and the xplode folder to edius 5 and it work perfectly


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        This is the problem that I am having with adding a media file to the background in a transition. In the version of the effects palette that I have onlyGPU transitions, not the GPU FX. How do I get the FX version.


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          In my version of Edius 5.5 I get the GPU Transitions, but the GPU FX transitions do not appear. How do I get the GPU FX. My Edius 5.5 is a new installation along with the HD Storm HDMI card.


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            The GPU FX are the transitions... there is no other FX done with the GPU


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              FX Transitions

              Is this an optional software package or is it included with Edius 5.5



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                If you are referring to GPUfx, it called GPU in the effects Palette.
                Also, you have 2d and 3d effects that show up as well in the initial install.
                If they did not, try to reinstall. Also, make sure your video card is up to the task. The Gpu effects will not install with an under powered video card.

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