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Problem in exporting files from Edius to After Effect

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  • Problem in exporting files from Edius to After Effect

    Recently I start working with After Effect but before doing anything I faced with unexpected problem, it seems that this problem is between Edius and After Effect.
    My video sources are NTSC (TV standard, 720x480 Aspect ratio; widescreen 1;2), I am editing these video files in Edius and I want to export part of them for After Effect and then bring it back to Edius, so I exported it by Procoder with exactly the same specification (720x480, widescreen1;2) and imported in After Effect but result wasn’t good, After Effect changed frame size and aspect ratio to 856x480(1.00) and I could see interlacing problem in monitor.
    Really I can’t understand why this happen, does anybody know the reason? Of course I can interpret footage in After Effect but I am not sure if it is good way and real solution and also I am not sure about final video.
    Can anybody help me and tell me how I can import footage from Edius to After Effect with same frame size and Aspect ratio? And why this happen?
    Thanks for your consideration and I appreciate any advice in advance.

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    What codec are you exporting with? If you're using Canopus DV, then the decoder will report widescreen NTSC as 856x480.

    I would export from EDIUS to DV AVI, but enable the option "Use MSDV codec" in the Save dialog. This will mark the AVI as a Microsoft DV AVI and After Effects shouldn't get confused. The Canopus DV codec is still used internally for the compression, just the output file is marked Microsoft DV instead of Canopus DV.


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      Thanks a lot Brandon, I exported with DV AVI and now I could import it in After Effect in right frame size, would you please help me about Exporting settings? What format and compressor do you recommend when I want to export this file from After Effect to Edius again? Totally what settings for getting best result should I do in Output Module settings? (I want to edit this file in Edius again).


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        Since you're going back-and-forth, use Microsoft DV. Alternatively you can use Canopus Lossless or Canopus HQ, if After Effects is on the same machine as EDIUS.


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          Yes, After Effect and Edius are in the same machine, you mentioned to Canopus Lossless and Canopus HQ and DV AVI, would you please tell me what differences are between them? I didn’t find any explanation about them in Canopus help except their titles.


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