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NX Express hardware requirements

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  • NX Express hardware requirements

    On the TGV webpage, it says the NX Express can use 2 x PCI Express or 1 x PCI-X, 1 x PCI slot. The manual says it need 2 x PCI Express slots. Which is correct? If you CAN use a regualr PCI slot for the MPEG board, what limitations will that impose, if any.

    I'm asking because the system I have right now only has 1 PCI express x1 slot (PCIe x16 for video). I'm planning on getting a new system, but after just buying the NX Express and new camera, the money for that has to wait.


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    There are 2 versions of NX and I believe the PCIX version was being stopped for manufacturing while the NX Express is still there.

    The NX Express is 2 cards, each 1x PCIexpress. One for the main board the other one for the component/firecoder.

    The original NX was one single PCIX slot (different than PCIe) and the second board was PCI (32bit). You're better off getting the NX Express if you want it right now, or better yet get the HDSTORM when it comes out soon, it has HDMI IN/OUT and you can get the breakout box that has component in/out as well as HDMI. It is a single PCIe card, but does not have an SD MPEG2 encoder on board (which you probably don't need, I know I don't).


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      I already have the NX Express - just arrived last week. I'm trying to make sure I'm doing right thing before I stick it in the machine. If it DOES require 2 PCI Express slots for both cards, can I just install the main board for now until I get the new system? If so, I'd just lose the MPEG accelerator and component - everything else would work. Right?


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        Yes 1 card should work fine for now. You won't have component out though, only upto S-video from the board itself. And of course firewire. (Non OHCI).

        If you have to capture HDV then you have to use your motherboards FireWire connection.

        Also if you plan to monitor HD, you can't do it without the component card, unless you set up an SD project, edit HD footage and preview on an SD monitor, which is what I used to do before I had my Bravia.

        You made a good decision, the NX Express is high quality card set.