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  • EDIUS 5 exporter question

    Maybee I'm blined, but I don't see option for settings bitrate in (for example) HDV setting. I need to export to:
    MPEG2 (transport stream)-18 mbps - 1440x1080 - upper field.
    In HDV setting exist only 1440x1080 - 25mbps or 1280x720 - 18mbps.
    How to make 1440x1080 - 18mbps?
    custom PC No 1 ; mdb: Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3, cpu: i7 2600K, vga 1: 2x nvidia gainward GTX 670 (2GB), vga 2: intel ,ram: kingstone hyperx ddr3 16GB, sys HDD: SSD Transcend 128GB, monitors: 3x LG L225WT dvi, 1x plasma tv LG 50PK350 nle: HD SPARK, OS: windows 7 x64 ultimate

    custom PC No 2; mdb: asus P6T deluxe v2, cpu: i7 920, vga: nvidia gainward 275 (896mb), ram: kingstone hyperx ddr3 12GB, monitor: 2x LG L20WT dvi, OS: windows 7 x64 ultimate

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    The HDV presets are HDV-compliant, so the bitrate is fixed. Use the Generic MPEG exporter.