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  • HD Storm cost

    I know its burried here somewhere but can someone tell me how much the HDstorm is?

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    HDStorm alternatives....

    Hey Rando,

    Here's a quote from an earlier post. Don't know how accurate it is at present, but for what it's worth....

    "The estimated price of the HDSTORM board on its own (EDIUS 5 software included) is $1299, while the HDSTORM Plus board and bay combination is $1599. Both will begin shipping immediately. For a limited period existing DVStorm and DVRex users can upgrade to the new HDSTORM PCIe I/O board with the full EDIUS 5 software package for $999. The upgrade to HDSTORM Plus is $1299. These promotions are good until December 31, 2008."

    I'm probably going that way as well!
    Alan J. Levi

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