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Using ISO or VOB files?

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  • Using ISO or VOB files?

    I know that this isn't strictly speaking a Edius question but I can't think where else to put it.

    I've been authoring using Ulead DVD Workshop which originally came bundled with Edius. I've now moved onto DVDDADpro. When I exported froom DVD workshop I would get an ISO file which I then used to copy DVDs using a Primera Bravo 2 machine.

    At the moment though I can only, for some reason, export VOB files from DVDDAD PRO. ( I may be doing something wrong but no doubt I'll work that out in due course).

    However my question is this. when I copy my DVD's on Primera with the ISO file, they are 'proper DVD's but when I use just the VOB files, they copy as 'data discs' They seem to play ok in my DVD player, so am I alright just to copy my DVD's in this way for general distribution?

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    You can use the free ImageTool Classic to create an ISO image from your DVD directory structure.