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Edius 5 switch to English language in windows in Spanish?

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  • Edius 5 switch to English language in windows in Spanish?


    Infinitely grateful that GrassValley has thought of Spanish speakers.
    I believe it is essential to migrate to new editors Edius.
    The problem is that for older users, we are lost in the translation.

    It will be possible in the full version switch to English language in windows in Spanish?

    In my case will be decisive when it comes to buying the new Edius.

    Thank you.
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    Martin, the EDIUS 5 localizer includes Spanish. If your Operating system is Spanish ---> EDIUS GUI and HELP will show up in "Spanish" language.
    There is no specific language selector, but if you rename or delete the "Localize" folder, EDIUS will show up in english.
    Same here with German language.

    English is not my native language
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      Many thank you very much Eric. Without doubt help many users your solution.


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        it doesnt work on my japanese system... is there another way to swtich to the Englih language?


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          Have you tried changing your Regional Settings in the Windows Control Panel?


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            Hi Brandon

            I am a (old) switch-men ;-)
            this was the "trick" in the 4 xx Version ..... but never work this way in 5.xx

            friendly greetings from ..............."CentralEurope"
            CentralEurope aka Hans
            voluntary / unpaid moderator from the german GV-forum ... Edius 4.61 up to Edius 9.xx
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              Good to know... and a bit disturbing... but it is what it is, I suppose!


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                Cannot use english on japanese OS...please help!

                I also tried to switch all the regional setting and put to english, but it always show me the japanese. I also renamed the localize folder (in here i can only see chinese, french, italian, spanish, german), but nothing happened.
                I also tried to uninstall, but if i keep the regional setting to english, the installer stops working without giving me any error. The installer works withot any problem only with the regional setting on japanese language.
                Is there other way to use english menu of Edius 5 on japanese OS?


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                  English and Japanese are considered "native" to the application, so the localize folder only contains other languages...

                  I'm not sure how our folks in Japan are getting English screenshots. I think they have English Windows installed...


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                    Are you running Windows Vista Ultimate? If so, you might be able to download the English language pack, and switch Windows to English..