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Segment encoding Mpeg video noise

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  • Segment encoding Mpeg video noise

    I have successfully configured Segement encoding (smart render) after spending a night tweaking 'n changing things - turned out field order and CBR/VBR were the most critical, anyways now I got it working I am frustrated to find bits of the output file are horribly pixelated.

    I take a pure unmodifed mpeg clip from my HDD camcorder - do NOTHING to it except Print to MPEG using Seg Enc for testing. It should just be a pure file copy type event but parts DO get re encoded and badly!

    It is as if the GOP structure is wrong or the encoder is struggling to read the frame correctly in parts of the video stream.

    I have done a TRUE compare of the output against input by placing them inline with each other on separate video tracks and using the difference filter on the top track - 90% shows up as pure black (ie no difference) but the pixelated parts show up as green.

    I have tried a few MPEG clips I have (all from my Sony HDR-SR11E - unmodified - PAL 25fps CBR9.1MBS TTF SD 720x576) and all show same pixelation on rendering with segment encoding.

    I have GOP fixed the files using womble and this makes no difference

    Files play fine off the timeline and render fine is Seg Enc is off

    Any ideas... Anyone else had this problem?....

    (I have a 4Mb sample file I can email if anyone is interested to see the effect.)

    I am using EDIUS 5.0 Trail version



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    First off, everything must match in order for SegmentEncode to function. Otherwise it'll just re-encode.

    Beyond that, try defragmenting your drive. A fragmented drive can lead to pixelated MPEG output.