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E5 and Storm2

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    Thanks Jim! That was a reality check!

    I too still have my DV Rex. We have it installed on a spare machine along with Rex Edit. (I think we have Storm edit on there too). It's sort of a back up to the backup. If the SHTF we know that there is one piece of gear that always works for editing jobs w/o the need for high bandwidth effects.

    Dave, We can afford almost anything we want but want and need are different. We run a company too and our mission is to keep expenses down and income high. If GV needed an investor, that is one thing. If they obsolete good gear that they can keep in the stream with a simple driver, that is another. I will buy every update they produce because I want to support them.... Not because I must.

    There is no question that at some point we will buy a new card. I will do it out of guilt, not because we are being forced.

    Shueardm, I have ONE of those. KNUJ <JUNK>. Cool looking BO box but as you said....

    Guys, I don't want to take up any more of your time, or mine. Just because another company obsoletes stuff every year, or makes unstable or useless junk, Canopus GV is not off the hook. They make great stuff with a life. That is one of the selling points. Gear that works and keeps on working and is supported until tape disappears, HDD's stop turning and solid state is yesterday's news. That's a great company.

    All it takes is a driver. How bad is that?



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      Ron I am no expert programmer, but I bet if they made a driver for EDIUS5 it would be more of a liability for them and DVStormRT is not supported anymore (End of Life item). Also I don't think they want to release "as is" drivers, the Japanese engineers are very picky with that from what I've seen throughout the years.

      You won't be missing much if you skip EDIUS5 for now anyways. 4.61 is perfectly fine for many people and it's pretty solid. Maybe by the time 5.5 comes out you will be going HD (at least HDV)?

      Who knows maybe HDSpark might be a good deal for you (You can get a HDMI to Component adapter, about $150 I think...then go from Component to SVIDEO if needed), but it's a PCIe card and if you are using older P4 systems then you will be out of luck since most of those mobos have no PCIe slots.

      Also remember that EDIUS 4.61 projects can open in second editor works in EDIUS 4.61 on the Storm system (SD projects of course) and then I open it in EDIUS5 and online it. It can't be the other way around, though.


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        Storm drop

        I was a bit frustrated with the Storm2 card drop, but when you look at it, going to an HDStorm really has it's advantages. The main one (which I'm surprised no one has mentioned here) is the fact it interfaces to screen via HDMI. We have a digital interface peoples - no more D>A then A>D when running to an LCD/Plasma. We can now easily switch between HD to SD using the same video output and with DVD players and even video cameras moving across to HDMI - we are using the future format.

        Edius is built to run with video preview hardware - always has been - and it gets an image to "the outside world" as quickly as possible. That's why we all use it (I assume). WYSIWYG in realtime. If the new core (for v5) is built with the same intentions - but has to drop Storm2 support in the process - then I'm cool with that. As long as V5 is as snappy and instant as with the old cards. PCI is rappidly becoming the "new ISA"; so I can understand it's hard for GV to continue supporting the old Storm.

        Version 5 opens 4.x projects with no issues, and you get a V5 dongle in the box with the new HDSTORM card, so you can continue using your old Storm / Dongle in a 2nd system. My only frustration is that you can't export a 4.x project from version 5.

        For Roman: We have 4 x Storm cards. Our plan was to slowly migrate across to NX cards (done with 2 machines) and now to HDStorms for the other 2 machines. It's just a matter of updating one machine at a time. What you end up with, however, is a pile of old Storm & Edius 4.x machines that are handy for capture and conversion - but rarely get used. I've donated one of ours to a film student (who loves it)
        AMD Ryzen 9 3900X / 32GB / RTX2070 / 4TB SSD / Storm --- Edius user since version 1.5 and StormEdit before that!


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          Thanks guys. I appreciate the thoughtful comments.

          About the HDMI issue. We use an old CRT monitor to check color accuracy etc. We use it because of the latency issues one finds with LCD. For fast moving stuff, at an editing level, a CRT is hard to beat. I know Plasma is quick and an HDMI/plasma monitor would be ideal.

          With all this discussion I'll most likely just sink the bucks into a 40 inch Panasonic Plasma and use my 2nd DVI output to provide that signal. I can do that for only $799. Much less than messing around with a new Canopus card. I can still use the Storm to capture the DV.

          BTW, donating is a great idea. The local college is opening an editing class and they might like my DV Rex system.

          Life is a bunch of compromises.

          Thanks all.



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            DvStorm2 output in Edius5

            Originally posted by Case View Post
            Sorry if this has been posted already, but I didn't see it after a pretty thorough search.

            I'm wondering if the Storm2 card will function with Edius 5? I understand that it isn't "supported," but we all remember how long the venerable old RexRT card worked with Edius despite not being supported (up through 3x if I remember right).

            We have our dual quad core NX machine, but we also have a couple of older Storm systems running Edius 4x. We still like to run SD work through these things, and they help us multi-task a lot with the little side jobs that come through here constantly, and our secondary businesses. The old Storm systems make us money, and I'd like to milk 'em a little further.
            Hi! I have done this:
            Installed Edius5 and than Edius4.5...
            DADA.. now I have both ... and also...
            Storm2 output in Edius5! :)
            Try and let me know!


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              Originally posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
              EDIUS 5 will operate, but will not use the DVStorm hardware. If you plan to run both EDIUS 5 and EDIUS 4.x on the same system, I highly suggest running a dual-boot, one booting with EDIUS 4.x and one booting with EDIUS 5.

              OHCI mode doesn't use the hardware, no matter what hardware you have.

              I really don't understand the disappointment here. You support us on software, but don't want to support us on hardware?

              I'm not trying to be combative here, but I really don't understand. Hardware purchases are a fixed purchase.

              I don't complain to AMD when the newer CPUs are no longer Socket 939 and now are Socket AM2, which means I'd have to get a new motherboard to use a newer CPU...
              We support the company in both hardware and software. It's just some folks are not ready for the new hardware either because they cannot afford it or their productions do not require it. I have been doing weddings, events and corporate stuff for over 20 years and have not recieved one request for HD even though it is availiable. So why force people into new hardware when they do not need it?

              Writing a driver for the storm to work with version 5 is not a big deal. You know it and I know it. So why not write the driver. Sooner or later all of the Storm users will upgrade. Some are just not ready right now.


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                This thread is going around in circles. So I'm stopping it here.

                DVStorm won't receive any further updates, and that's final. You'll always be able to use it with EDIUS 4.61. There's a number of different options and paths to take, and we've done our best to offer as many possible directions for everyone, but at the end of the day, we cannot please everyone.

                The fact that the DVStorm lasted some eight years is a rare thing in modern computing. I'd like to think that even the last DVStorm sold in 2004 has more than made back its price, in terms of productivity-earning revenue.