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  • 3d PiP rendering

    I reported earlier that I was experiencing a slower 3d PiP rendering performance with EX1 footage in E.5, E5 being about a third of the speed of E4.6. Not only is the rendering performance slower, but the timeline playback over the area of the 3d PiPs is also much worse than before. Now, despite spending a lot of time trying to identify the cause, I am completely at a loss. Is anyone else experiencing this reduced performance under these conditions?

    Starting with a blank HD and a completely new WinXP and E5 installation (no other programs installed) the problem persists. My test was made with 4 x 3d PiPs; playing without rendering resulted in an almost immediate single frame buffer status despite the maximum size buffer being selected as per E4.6, an orange line above the timeline before the overlay and a red line from the start of the overlay; under E4.6 it was a blue then orange line above the timeline and playback was without problems. This test was made using EX1 clips that had been imported under E4.6.

    A similar performance drop was experienced with 1440x1080 50i HDV imported under E.5.

    2d PiP performance seems to be as fast as normal.

    Has there been any change in the way that 3d PiP rendering is executed in E.5 and does the Graphics Card effect rendering speed.? With the X1800XT GPU (512MB) the new GPU transitions seem to be in real time with HD footage.

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    There has been an overhead introduced with 3DPiP in v5, however it appears to be a bit too severe than was intended. It is being investigated as per beta test reports.


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      Will they playback properly once rendered?
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        Originally posted by Tobe View Post
        Will they playback properly once rendered?

        English is not my native language
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          Thanks Kenneally.



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            3d pip is a very power tool, I use regularly. So, I am desapointed with my brand new PC that slow down and empty the buffer in a few second in HD...

            My demand : Ppppppplease TGV (Thomson GrassValley) fix this TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse)... or ASAP if you prefer
            Yvon durieux alias "Haddock" Belgium GMT + 2

            Sorry for my poor english, I am french native speaking

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              I have question about the "3D PIP on HD-Projects needs to be rendered in EDIUS 5" issue.

              Is that for only testing or beta using or its the final destination of 3dpip tool?

              I mean you will left this "need to be rendered" concerning HD 3D PIP, or you think to roll back to Realtime use of 3D PIP?

              I ask this because I use it a lot in my projects (, and now it's kind of really uncomfortable.

              Thanks, bobbiz.