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Digitizing in EDIUS

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  • Digitizing in EDIUS

    I have had this problem since day one, but never had the time to ask:

    I have NX express card with bay but not the HD output card. I always worked with digital cameras so the analog input was never really used. Recently when I had to digitize over 40 hours of 3/4” tapes I noticed the difference in quality when digitizing with the same hardware but different software. When digitizing using EDIUS the file in most cases is unusable, it has horizontal noise in luma channel. The same signal but recorded in ADVC mode by some other software has no hint of the same noise. What I also noticed is that as the CPU is loaded the noise is worse in EDIUS but has no effect in ADVC mode. I have seen this in all versions from 2 and now in 5. Here is a 15 second sample of both, EDIUS on the left and ADVC on the right (3.9MB).

    Is this normal with NX and EDIUS?
    If not, the card still has warranty maybe I should send it in…

    Thanks for any comments.