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Service Pack 3 - install or no...?

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  • Service Pack 3 - install or no...?

    I keep getting the "updates are ready to install" thing for Service Pack 3. Should I install or avoid it...? Everything seems to be running smoothly at the moment. I'm using Edius NX 3.5 (at the moment - an upgrade will be coming soon...). Thanks!

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    It's not necessary to install SP3 for EDIUS 5.
    It's more a security question going online with your NLE PC.
    I’m working with SP2 and EDIUS 5 without any problems

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      I have a 1 Beyond Laptop for mobile editing running Edius 4.61. When the automatic updates installed service pac 3 (my mistake) my computer completely locked up and would only boot in the safe mode. Finally, after uninstalling service pack 3, the computer runs normal again. I have now turned off the automatic updates.
      There seems to be a similar problem with some HP laptops. I went to a local computer repair store and the tech told me that he suspected some type of Hardware/software conflict and he had seen the same problems on several HP laptops.

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        It's never a good idea to let a computer get and install updates automatically, read first.

        I remember having to uninstall SP2 from a few computers around town here as it was not compatible with some motherboards and the users computers would not boot.

        Best it to make sure you have a image of you C: before trying it out.
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          It's never a good idea to let a computer get and install updates automatically, read first.
          I agree, and that's why I was asking. Sounds like I better leave well enough alone as things as running smoothly and I can't afford down time due to issues after the install. Thanks everyone...