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HELP - wind noise.. can i eliminate it?

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  • HELP - wind noise.. can i eliminate it?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm hoping someone can help me! I shot some outdoors footage (without the wind sock.. yes, yes i know!! my bad) and now i've got wind noise on the clip. is there anyway in the graphic equaliser or anything that i can reduce the wind noice but keep the spoken audio?????


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    I would say that your chances of recovering the speech are not too good. Certainly you should apply a bass cut, and then try experimenting with parametric or graphic EQ to 'tune-in' the voice / 'tune-out' the wind noise. You might find it easier to do this in Wavelab, SoundForge or whatever, rather than Edius itself.
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      If you have access to "Soundbooth" from Adobe, try the visual editing mode where you can see errant sounds to eliminate them. How well anything will work depends on the severity of the wind noise.
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        if you have time to wait for edius5, then this will be an easy fix with a new audio vst plugin that comes with Edius, it allows you to go to any frame where there is no talking and learn the frame as noise and eliminate it

        all these new vst plugins cause no audio delay at all, unlike soundsoap
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          If the noise spectrum overlaps the spoken sounds, using "noise cancellation" software blindly will also remove the spoken sounds too. In short, it is a difficult task.

          Try doing a spectrum analysis of the wind noise first, once you know where the cutover is ... then use a high pass filter, followed by a low pass filter - it sounds much better and faster than doing a noise cancellation.
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