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  • AVCHD conversion problems

    Hi all,

    I'm considering returning to EDIUS after a few years running Premiere Pro. Just downloaded the E5 demo. Impressive!!

    I have 2000 AVCHD clips in a folder and want to convert them to Canopus HQ. I first tried to do it from EDIUS via the "Convert->File(batch)" command. However the "Online (fine)" codec settings are used...I'd rather use the "Online(standard)" settings to save ~40% space.

    So I installed AVCHD2HQ, set the codec options to "Online(standard)" and thought I was home free. Unfortunately, when I drag more than about 35 clips onto AVCHD2HQ, I get the cryptic error:

    "The data area passed to a system call is too small"

    Furthermore, if I right click with more than ~30 files, there is no "Convert with AVCHD2HQ" context menu option. Smaller batches of files work just fine. Any idea why I'm getting this error?? Anyone else experience it?

    If I can't resolve this, I'll have to bite the bullet and use EDIUS to convert the files at the higher bitrate.


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    In EDIUS, what setting is the HQ codec set to? (Settings>Hardware Settings>HDV)


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      Under hardware settings, everywhere I can set a HQ codec setting I have it set to Online(standard). The settings in the Convert feature seem to be presets.

      Perhaps I'm missing something. I hope to be corrected :)