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AVCHD workflow question with E5 and new hardware

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  • AVCHD workflow question with E5 and new hardware

    End of May this year I purchased Canon VIXIA HF100 a consumer HD camcorder, which suits my needs for family / travel type of needs. This camcorder records on SD cards in AVCHD format, editable with EDIUS 4.5, which I currently happily use. Of course there is no real-time editing in native AVCHD codec and re-encoding clips with AVCHD2HQ converter takes a long time.


    Q1: I am wondering if any of the coming hardware boards may improve my workflow. HDSTORM does not seem to be a good option for me since the on-board HQ codec can capture on-the-fly from HDMI input only, and majority of the clips I will be editing will be coming from the files already archived on HD / DVD etc. I would need to load them back to the SD card and capture footage from the camera, which does not make sense to me. Additionally - as I understand - HDSTORM does not provide any additional speed boost while editing over e.g. HDPARK, am I right? FIRECODER specs - from what I have read - are vague to me as far as AVCHD support (in the spec's in fact there is no mention of AVCHD). Can FIRECODER speed up conversion of AVCHD->HQ files already being on the hard drive? And how about HQ->AVCHD conversion, which I would imagine could find it's place for archiving trimmed project files? Any other viable alternatives in sight?

    Q2: A separate question: we already know the software upgrade price for Edius 5 (in the USA), and anticipated price range for HDSPARK card. Are they any predictions regarding pricing of HDSTORM and HDTHUNDER hardware as well as FIRECODER hardware (/software)?

    Q3: HD is still new to me, that is why I have one more question: When I play the footage from my HF100 camera straight to big screen TV via HDMI there is a noticable delay between what camera shows on it's display along with the sound coming from the camera speaker and what the TV shows (and sounds). I assume that delay is caused by HDMI in a similar manner FIREWIRE causes delays when previewing SD on an external monitor. If this is indeed the case HDSTORM would also have that delay, which I do not like (of course). Can anyone from CANOPUS comment on this? If this is the case - maybye HDTHUNDER - as having analog outputs - would provide a better editing experience with no delay, like my DVSTORM is currently doing in an excellent manner for SD? And how about the possible delay for HDSPARK?

    Thank you for your comments,

    PS: I just noticed another message (OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE) posted while I was writing mine:

    Question about the prices has been answered.
    I personally can get HDTHUNDER out of the picture right away.

    But regarding FIRECODER in a plain English:
    Can FIRECODER convert between AVCHD and Canopus HQ back and forth ?
    If yes then at what speed?

    Thank you.
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    no delay with the Hdstorm just as there was no delay from the dvstorm.
    That one reason to get the HDStorm.
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