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There is 'Full' Alpha support using Boris in Edius

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  • There is 'Full' Alpha support using Boris in Edius

    I sometimes read posts saying that Edius users' cannot retain full alpha channel support in Boris products for effects such as Shadows and 'Light Zooms' on text when in Edius, and as a result have to leave Edius to create the effect then bring it back in as a video file with an alpha channel. This isn't true, you just have to use the Boris plugins (RED, FX and GRAFFITI referred to as XXX from here) differently to how you would in some other NLE's.

    Firstly, determine the section of your timeline that will become the background you want to apply the effect to and then render it out. If you may need to go back and adjust the position/length of the effect for timing purposes (ie audio sync) then render yourself some 'handles' to allow space to adjust/slip the effect within the applied 'Boris XXX' plugin.

    Secondly, place the new rendered section of your timeline on a new/empty track directly above where it was rendered from and apply the required Boris plugin to it. This I do for good house keeping reasons, you could create a new clip the same length as the rendered section to apply the effect to or apply the effect to the section of the existing top track of your timeline from which it was rendered. It's up to you. I hope that makes sense?!

    Thirdly, and MOST importantly, open up the applied 'Boris XXX' effect and import the rendered out section of your timeline to use as your background/bottom track in the effect. Now any number of layers that you use within Boris will maintain their alpha channels and alpha based effects when you return to Edius and view/render your 'Boris XXX' effect.

    This will always give the desired results so long as you import/apply whatever section of video, still image or colour you want as the final background in your video to the bottom/background track in the applied 'Boris XXX' effect. You cannot of course apply any effect to your background layer that requires an alpha channel to be passed through to Edius or you again confront the Edius alpha channel problem.

    With planning you can pretty much achieve anything you could want to using the Boris plugins directly in Edius without having to go in and out.

    I usually edit in PAL SD 16:9 or 4:3 so cannot confirm this workflow for those using HD as I've heard of other issues there.

    Now all I wish for is a 'live' output to my broadcast monitor when working within Boris XXX and Edius so I don't have to go in and out of Boris XXX to show clients changes/updates to effects on my external monitor as I work!

    Even if this output could be generated through a spare/external OHCI firewire port and not my SP card? BorisFX? GV?

    This 'Boris workflow' may work for other 3rd pary plugins and Edius, but I'm not sure as I don't own any at this moment.

    Hope this helps some of you.

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    'FULL' Alpha support using Boris plugins in Edius!
    Dear gapmedia,
    Just imagine please, that every time you want to eat, you have to go to New Zeland... You can see Premiere since... how long? -full Alpha. You just import Photoshop file and you have all the layers inside with alpha. You do not need another applications to do it. I want to see same in Edius. That's simple.
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      Dear mike0130,

      I'd love that too, but that wasn't what I was trying to help out with! I have to use Commotion 4 (EOL'd) to get good 'alphaed' layers out of PSDs.

      Also, Adobe = Premiere and Photoshop so who wouldn't expect them to work together.

      I'd also like lots of things I can/could do in EDIT6+ (EOL'd) and SpeedRazor (EOL'd) to work the same way in Edius, but hey that ain't going to happen.

      Might as well enjoy what we've got today, as tomorrow (Edius 6) may never come or be as bright as we want if it does.
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      System 1 - SP with Edius Broadcast 4.54 , 2x DUAL 2.66 Xeon CPU's, Tyan 2696, 2gig RAM, Sapphire 1950PRO 2

      System 2 - RT2 MAX with Edius Pro 4.54, 2x Xeon 2.4ghz CPU's, 512meg RAM, Compaq