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V5 + AVCHD >> undocumented Feature or know Bug ??

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  • vienna1944er
    it is not fixed in 5.01.

    and we have furthermore no info \ feedback from the official:

    a) unknow, we can not reproduce
    b) the official or engineers needs file (we can upload)
    c) know bug \ generally
    d) know bug \ only for PAL User's
    e) the official or engineers needs file (we can load up)

    at this time, the only workaround for date\timestamp in 5.0 is:
    Install second OS with Edius 4.61, and import the Sony-file in 4.61 and after it, go to 5.01

    no more other word's, about this "workaround...... self censored before write.... *g*

    friendly greetings from PALeurope\austria\vienna\ ...old (but not morbid) Hans ;-)

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  • drgagx
    Bump for discover if any information is yet available.

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  • drgagx
    OK thanks for the reply - hope you do not mind one of us raising it at intervals until the powers (engineers?) that be provide a reply.

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  • GrassValley_KH
    Sorry, don't have any information on these questions at the moment..

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  • drgagx
    This is a bump for an official reply please to the original question from vienna1944er.

    Some added questions
    (1) Will E5 accept AVCHD data via the SD card in a pcs SD card slot?
    (2) Will that data include date and time stamps?
    (3) Do date/time stamp limitations apply to any other format capture via HDMI on conversion to the HQ codec?

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  • drgagx
    That sounds unfortunate. I cannot edit with my type of project without the date/time data available in the bin.

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  • V5 + AVCHD >> undocumented Feature or know Bug ??

    Please, excuse my "gibberish" english....

    First:: I saw many good things in the V5 demo ..... high regard ....good work

    Second: one of the priority feature (for my) is the availability from date\time stamp in the Edius bin and HQ-file ... particular in AVCHD files
    terrific practical for sorted in the bin per records-time

    in the 4.61 Bin, the native Sony AVCHD-files show's up with date\time stamp
    export from these Sony AVCHD-files per 4.61 timeline >> to HQ-avi ... included the date\time stamp in the new HQ-avi-file

    I know, the (fast) AVCHD-Converter-tool can not handle the date\time stamp, and killed it out,
    therefore I go in 4.61, the slow edius "export from timeline" way....... and happy with it....

    In Edius V5 .... no date\time stamp from AVCHD files in the Edius Bin aviable
    In Edius V5 .....export AVCHD files from timeline >> to HQ-avi date\time stamp in the new HQ-avi-file included

    Thirdly: The old 4.61 and the new 5.0 Bin, can in the collumn "file name" not handle the "sorted-funktion"
    with typically long AVCHD file name, which included the yyyy mm dd hh ss
    curiosity.... the "windoof- explorer" can sorted a folder with this filenames....

    exampel with 3 fom 200.....


    therfore my question:
    a) is this difference between 4.61 and V5 a "know bug" ??
    b) or is it a undocumented feature, and we have to live with it ??? ......( I know, all Premiere user have to live without date\time stamp in the Bin)

    friendly greetings from europe\austria\vienna ..... old (but not morbid) Hans ;-)
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