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4.61 to 5 demo

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  • 4.61 to 5 demo

    I loaded six tracks v/a with same footage avi files. Applied picture in picture and video filter to each v/a track, plus one track I set to run in reverse. Under Edius 5 demo playback stuttered. Under 4.61 playback perfect. Obviously the lack of drivers for my NX card was the problem. Under 4,61 CPU usage was at 51% and the memory PF usage was 785. Under edius 5 CPU usage was 40% and memory PF usage was 822. This was on all four cores.
    To render 6 tracks took 1m 18 sec for a 2 minute section under edius 5. Unable to do same test on 4,61 sadly.
    This was done using a sharkoon dual boot on the same computer
    Motherboard Asus P5WDG2 WS Pro, CPU QF 6600 2.4ghz. Edius NX PCI X card 4 gig RAM Sata drives all round No raid. Nvidia Geoforce 7900 GS. Edius 5 project saves would not open up under edius 5 demo.Manipulation of edius 5 demo seemed smoother and 4.61 projects opened up under edius 5. I will upgrade whenever there is a link to do so,
    E9 PRO ,Intensity Shuttle capture Nvidia 650 TI LG 3D Monitor HDMI Win 10 PRO 64 Bit.Vistitle 2.6, Robuskey. ASUS Z370 I7 8700 16 GB Hyper X black RAM 250GB 960 EVO. 2 ITB Disks