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Best reason to keep your NX card

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  • Best reason to keep your NX card

    If you use a HDV camera you have device control, with a HDStorm you don't, HDMI has no device control.
    Although I suppose you can add a firewire card (or from your MB) and select OHCI device to capture, then switch.
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    yes but capturing from an ohci device will not give you monitor preview while capturing...
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      Here's another, no BNC connections on HDStorm Plus
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        I wouldn't think being able to view on a secondary monitor is a big deal during capture, so HDMI output is mainly relevant while editing. An HDMI input could also be useful for capturing directly from some cameras while recording, in which case device control isn't a concern?
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          Originally posted by shueardm View Post
          Here's another, no BNC connections on HDStorm Plus
          What would have been nice is an add on card to the NX. Theres enough connectors on that thing to add HDMI capabilites to it. Much like the HD Extreme Card from BM.

          I already have the Intensity Pro, and with the optional breakout cable, I can get
          2x XLR Balanced Audio Input
          2x XLR Balanced Audio Output
          1x BNC SPDIF/AES Input
          1x BNC SPDIF/AES Output
          3x BNC Component Input
          3x BNC Component Output
          1x BNC Ref Input
          1x RS-422 for Deck Control

          All of that on top of HDMI. The card and the cable is less than $500...compared to $1299 and is already 64bit ready.
          Captures in uncompressed 8bit and MJPEG. Both work well in Edius. Edius 5 is supposed to have better MJPEG handling capabilites as well.

          The software looks fine, but I'll stick with my NX and Intensity Pro for now. I am interested in the HD SDI version that was announced.
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