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  • Clip Markers (ver. 5)

    I was just playing with clip markers and decided to share my experience.

    In order to add markers to a clip, you first need to add one more button to your player controls, the Marker button (1), the same Marker as you have on Timeline. Now as you play a clip in the player, you can add markers to it (2). When you move the clip down to the timeline, it will have markers you have just created (4).

    One problem though: What if I want to add a marker to a clip that is already on the timeline? As far as I understand it, you can’t add, move or edit clip markers in the timeline, only in the player. I guess one has to copy the clip back into the player, do the thing with the markers and move it back to the timeline (don’t forget to copy any video / audio filters you may had on the original clip).

    A clip with markers can be stored in the bin folder and the markers are preserved.
    Also, each marker can accommodate a small text message or a note. In the player window only, when you pause over the marker (2), it will display the message (3). On the timeline you can snap to the markers but the message is not displayed. Unlike the Segment markers, where you can save and retrieve them, I have not found a way to save Clip markers to a file.

    In conclusion, I’m happy we have them but a bit disappointed with the limitation put on us that they can only be manipulated in player. And in the future I hope we will be able to do more with them not just snap to it, for example as an input to Closed Captioning or Subtitles, etc.

    And you can also set markers while capturing your tapes:

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