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  • Karaoke style titles

    just want to ask how can I do the karaoke style with words highlighted or changing colors that is synchro to the bit using quick titler

    Thanks in advance.


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    How about using two similar titles of different colors.
    Place one on video 1 and the other on video 2 with a simple wipe between them. (The Title tracks will not work with wipes.)

    It may not be easy to sync with the music, but worth experimenting. Let us know how it turns out!
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      Maybe It will work, but it's too complicated.
      To create the texts for karaoke, it's using different software and hardware (I don't know they have it nonlinear system yet). The tape of final music video will be fed to a computer (CG system with special software) by components. Then the output of the computer (special graphic card) - with the CG overlay will be re-recorded for a new master (typical Digital Betacam). The editor must hit the spacebar (to change the text color) with each word (music). I tried couple times and it was good enough so I asked the musician to do it ...
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