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    Hi to @ll

    I have about 30+ Hours of Canopus DV AVI (captured with Edius 4.61) and now my client wants to Edit him self with Pinacle Studio Something.

    What should I do, What does Work ?

    1) Can the other computer read and edit when the Canopus Playback Codec is installed ? (this should save my time - just give my hard drive)

    2) Should I use the Canopus DV file converter and change from Canopus to Microsoft Codec while copying ? (this will cost more of my time - copy to other hard drive)

    Total footage is close to 1Tb of data on a Sata II drive.

    Thanks for all help .............

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    I'd probably just test a single clip with the playback codec pack installed, first. It should work, but test it and see.


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      That were my thoughts also, test and see.

      Will let the board know once the client has tested this.

      Thanks HK for the info.