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  • Where to go?

    Where are you guys going to talk about editing and other computer stuff, im getting tired of threads being locked once a moderator thinks were wondering off what they feel the topic should be or if it does'nt directly relate to Edius. Sometimes I need to talk about just computer editing stuff and theres no lobby here.

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  • #2 is where it's at, there's a Canopus/Grass Valley section, not too much activity, but the site as a whole is huge and informative, and has many subject areas to allow general chat - much more friendly and has a less narrow viewpoint than this old site.

    I wish this one was more open and less corporate, but s'pose its Grass Valleys baby, and what they say goes.

    All the best

    Paul currently in the London rain!
    Edius Edits at:

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      I'm a filmmaker but also a video journalist plus forum master at Auscam ( I've been coming here on and off almost since day one and this site is my source for Edius atmosphere and helps me write stories on Canopus product.
      Must agree that this site reflects Canopus users and also can frighten off potential clients if they feel they get stood on. Timely reminder I guess.


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        I feel you Rando, I also miss the old Canopus forum, not sure where else to go, I spend most my free time here, in case of problems I normally Google + trail & error .................


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          I mean I understand they dont want us talking about the competition but sometimes we just need to talk computers or video which at that time may not relate directly to Canopus then they close the thread.

          Asus sabertooth MB Z97 16 gigs of ram SSD system and edit drives Nvidia GTX-660 video card


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            You have my vot Rando Miss the Canopus Studio which was general
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              It gets locked to prevent a mentality of "oh, if that thread is fine, then I guess my posting a thread about *unrelated topic* will be fine too"

              There isn't a lobby for general discussion, nor is there likely to be one. This version of the forums is not designed to replace the Canopus forum of old, note-for-note. It is instead meant to be an organic knowledge base of current (TGV Desktop) products. A place where you can even punch in search criteria and get answers to things without even necessarily having to post.

              The direct focus is a mandate of this particular forum - it's why it exists. Furthermore, with only 2.5 moderators (a number also unlikely to change, given the 'voluntary' nature of this facility), we can only cover so much ground, and prefer that the fountains of knowledge found within other genuine online communities be used when something doesn't really fit the model used here.

              And please remember, we're not Canopus any more. Things run differently, despite the appearance of product lines and engineering.


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                Originally posted by PaulTV
       is where it's at,

                I could agree with this. Chris has a good thing going over there :)