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  • New to EDIUS - need help

    hi all. I'm new to edius. Being trained right now. My boss has created a file with cartoons (video, audio and text). I open an existing project, capture the section of the video i want, place them on the time line 1V at exactly the same position & duration as the one he has on 1VA and change the names in the text and then save it as a specific project he has. once i open it, it has by itself added the cartoons meantioned earlier. More specific, it has added the videos i captured at specific points into the cartoon. My boss wants me to learn to make one on my own. Can anyone help me???

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    Changing the name of the text in the project does nothing but cosmetic work. If you change the name of the file itself you will not have the problem. Also if you have a preexsisting project you do not need to "capture" the footage again, you can simply use the file by adding it to the bin. You might benefit by checking out the training videos listed at the top of the forum.