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Old film guy trying to use Edius 4.5

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  • Old film guy trying to use Edius 4.5

    Couple of things. My Edius 4.5 is taking forever to load. up to 8 minutes after I click the icon. How come? Any ideas?

    I don't have a "T" slot for titles on my editing screen. How do I get one on there?

    And finally, the player screen plays audio on my player side, but not on my recorder side. Any ideas?

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    I would use Edius 4.61 (free patch)

    the title Track is located between the Video and audio tracks, you can add as many as you wish by right click menu on the left of timeline
    1T and 2T seen here
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    not sure about your audio and hardware setup? do you use a capture card such as NX etc or do you use Edius in software mode only
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      Slow load on Edius 4.5

      I did the 4.6 upgrade, but it appears that the Quick Titler portion of the program is hanging up the load. By giving the process a minute, I go into task manager and quit Quick Titler, and the program instantly pops up. Sound familiar or is there a systematic way of looking at this?


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        Hea Dave,
        If Edius is slow to load see that Windows is only using a single drive for your system swap file (Pagefile). Sometimes Windows will use any available drive. Not ideal on my video RAID. I confine it to the system drive. (C:\)
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