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  • Save a Quicktime file or Canopus avi

    For my shoot this weekend I will be using my XH-A1 and a Panasonic DVC 30. I will be saving the 4:3 SD files from the cameras to the FS-C and also running a backup tape in both machines.

    My client will receive Quicktime files from the FS-C to use in Final Cut Pro.

    When I import test Quicktime and Canopus avi files to Edius Broadcast version 4.6 (or even run the files from the Quicktime player on my PC machine) there appears to be a huge quality difference. The Canopus saved files are much better.

    Since my client has Final Cut Pro would he see the reverse.....better quality with the Quicktime files?

    Also there is a possibility I will do the editing in Edius. Will the Quicktime files be converted in Edius and come out as good as the Canopus file?

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    If you could use Microsoft DV (.avi) then it would work fine on both.

    There is a quality shift on imported QT files, so what you could do is use some third party application to convert all the QT files to .avi and strip the header, since DV is DV and .mov and .avi are just containers.


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      i'm not sure n could be wrong, but i don't see the quality lost when i import quicktime to my HQavi project.
      even i always export my project to quicktime so that i could burn it with iDVD or DVDlab pro...n still can't see the quality differences.
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        Try taking a still from a QuickTime native application (Such as After Effects) and then take the same still from QT imported files in EDIUS.

        Open photoshop and compare both stills and you'll see what I mean.