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    im having a real hard time with my JVC everios .TOD files. I know Edius supports them out of the box but I still use DV and the .TOD files are too clunky to edit with. I cant use ProCoder to convert them. Itried using Edius to convert them to Canopus HQ then use ProCoder to convert them to DV but I kept getting a paramerter error in ProCoder. What is the best procedure for converting .TOD files to DV?

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    TOD files are MPEG-2 I thought? In any event, you might want to try the JVC software that comes with your camera and see if it can demux the output.

    I'm thinking that the audio (AC-3) is causing the sluggish performance (but MPEG-2 will do that too).


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      Rando, te has fijado que Edius no reconoce la fecha/hora de creacion de los .tod?
      Alguien sabría decirme si esto tiene solución?

      traduccion de google:

      Rando, you've noticed that Edius does not recognize the date / time of creation. Tod?
      Someone would know tell me if this solution is?
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        yes I found the .tod files clunky to edit with.
        All I did was right click on the file in the browser and choose convert file, the resulting HQ file edited with the fluidity we have come to know from Edius.
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