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  • E4 Timeline help needed

    I have a project on the timeline in e4 and it is fully edited, my problem is that when I call up quick tittler it takes up the whole timeline, how can I put in how long I need it.

    It is a finger problem and I can't find out how to make it a certain length. It is something so simple I have missed it.

    Also having trouble inserting transition, when I put in a dissolve the audio is not the same length as the video channel and is to one side of the cut. I have checked the settings. Something I have overlooked, I am not new to Edius I have been using E3 and now E4 this has just started to happen.

    Can anyone please help

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    The way it works now, is that titles will conform to the timeline In/Out position by default, or, alternatively they will adhere to the default title length setting.

    These options are controlled within the Application Settings dialog window.


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      Where in the applications settings is the title length, I can't seem to find it, my timeline is 3 hours 28 minutes, and that is the length of the title, I only require it for a 5 seconds


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        "Duration" I believe.


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          Thanks you are a good man, problem solved, I had the switch ticked to put the title between the in-out point.
          Many thanks.