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Buy NX hardware without software?

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    IBC and NAB are pretty much equivalent, just on different sides of the world.


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      I have a NX for sale but it seems to be the 64 bit version for server boards, it has a fairly long pci arrangement. I thought it was te normal PCI board when I bought it and I haven;t used it.


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        The PCI version of EDIUS NX hardware is 64-bit PCI (Conventional).
        The PCIe version of EDIUS NX hardware is x1 PCI Express.


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          Originally posted by rando View Post
          I wouldnt say Edius is free with the boards if so then there boards are REALLY overpriced. Thats one of the things leaning me towards Premiere or FCP vs Edius is I can get a black-magic design board that does HD and works fine for $250-$350 where the NX/HDV boards are like $1,200 so I hope a large part of that money is for Edius.
          I was thinking the same before but actually the GV cards are higher quality.

          Either way the most I use capture cards are for previewing anyways and not for ingest. My footage either comes from P2, DV/DVCAM, Rev Pro.

          I also have an Intensity Pro card for AE/FCP/Premiere Pro previewing under OSX, besides the NX. I think I have a very reliable setup.