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  • More codec problems

    I have a similar problem. I have tried recording Quicktime HD directly to my Firestore FS-C from my XH-A1. The FS-C has two functions that allow you to select either a M2t file or a QuickTime file.
    When I copy the QuickTime file to my hard drive I find it won't play back in either Windows Media Player or the QuickTime player I have installed on my PC machine. I just plays back garbled audio.
    Ultimately I want Serious Magic's Ultra 2 to use the QuickTime HD file for green screening. Ultra seems to work fine for SD.
    I think I need the QuickTime HD codec? But I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the net. Is the HD QuickTime only for Final Cut?

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    If it's DVCPRO HD QuickTime, there's no DVCPRO HD QuickTime codec on Windows, so it won't play in Windows Media Player or even QuickTime Player.

    EDIUS Broadcast is the only way I know of to open it on a Windows machine.


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      RayLight Decoder will let you play or edit DVCPro HD QuickTime files on a PC. It will not let you encode.


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        Ahh, good to know. Thanks for that!