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  • Region and Chrominance Filter

    Hi there.

    I've been practicing with my Edius along with the training DVD by Mike Downey. I'm at the part of his DVD where he's using a region filter and selecting chrominance inside to change the color of a ladys jacket. I've followed all steps (or have I...mmmm!) but it's not changing on the video I'm working with. Any suggestions please? As always, thanks in adavce!


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    Can you provide a step-by-step list of what you're doing?


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      Hi Brandon - Yeap I'm:

      1. Selecting a clip.

      2. Going to effects Filters and choosing REGION.

      3. Dragging the filter onto my clip, then clicking on the highlighted filter in the information window to open it up and placing it over the section I want to work on.

      4. I'm then clicking on the "inside tab" and choosing CHROMINANCE and then clicking the setup button.

      5. When the CROMINANCE window opens up, I click on the EYE DROPPER and take it to the part of the video I'm working on and left click my mouse.

      6. After that, I'm going to the right of the CHROMINANCE WINDOW, clicking in the "INSIDE FILTER" and choosing COLOR WHEEL.

      7. I then go to the right of highlighted COLOR WHEEL to the SET UP button, press it and then put my cursor just above the NODE on the COLOR WHEEL and drag upwards. At this point I see no change so I...

      8. Press okay on the Color Wheel window, go back to the Chrominance Window and click on the next icon down from the EYE DROPPER.

      9. Following that I check HISTORGRAM in the little box , bottom left then go up to the window above it to move the "thing" around. At this point again, nothing seems to change.

      10. Am I just being a plonker and missing something????

      Thanks for your time!


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        Hey Mark,

        A few of things to pay attention to...
        1. Make sure you're looking at the output preview for the result.
        2. If you aren't spinning the wheel, then you're not changing the color.
          Try Color Balance instead of Color Wheel. Color Balance has sliders so it's a bit simpler to use.
        3. I usually go a little backward just to make sure I'm affecting the colors I want.
          I set the Inside Filter to Solid Color and make the Solid Color something heinous like pure green. That way you can see what's being affected quite easily.
          I click around the preview (or use the oval/fan/rectangle selection) to make sure I'm selected the color(s) I want, then go and change the Inside filter to whatever I really want to do to the color range.