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EDIUS 3.61 timeline timecode to tape

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  • antonsvideo
    The VCR needs to be set to DVCAM rec mode and TC needs to be set to external, all done in DSR setup menu

    DV rec mode does not accept eternal TC

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  • SRsupport
    You have put the device to accept external time code Edius can not do that for you.


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  • studioman
    started a topic EDIUS 3.61 timeline timecode to tape

    EDIUS 3.61 timeline timecode to tape

    Just finishing my broadcast project.

    Printed the timeline to dvCAM tape. EDIUS settings are Use Timeline timecode for Export.

    Using a Sony DSR11 deck. When Display is on the only code that appears on screen starts at 00:00:00:00 instead of starting at 09:57:00:00 which is on the timeline.

    Help again!

    Is there a malfunction - or does the DSR11 need something set to accept timecode? Is EDIUS needing something else set?

    After all this work - if the timecode is wrong on the output tape then it's a wasted weekend.

    thanks Chris

    ps tried export to Sony PD150 and DSR200 and each time the wrong timecode appears in Display. What is wrong? It appears to be EDIUS. All three Sony devices can't be wrong.

    pps - just used dvStorm to export same project - Bingo no problems. Must be the legacy that RexRT Pro is................... unless the Oracle knows something I don't (which ain't a hard thing to achieve).
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