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installing two different versiyon Edius

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  • Alade
    Yes it can, yes it does......I have a system running with bot 3.62, and 4.xx, and have no problems at all....I use 3.62, because of photo album plugin,which iI use al lot in my wedding that plugin........ and 4.xx for all my other stuff....plis it has a much nicer GUI..but 4 .xx works much faster. ...I often why ppls would want 2 edit with anything other than Edius...LOL

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  • tingsern
    I don't think you can do that with ONE COPY of Windows. Since they both have common DLL that are bound to clash with one another.

    You can however do this -

    a) Partition your SYSTEM disk into 2.

    b) Install Windows onto both partitions (use the same registration key - it will work as the Microsoft registration server will recognise this is coming from the same hardware).

    c) On one Windows partition, install EDIUS 4.61. On the other Windows partition, install the older EDIUS.

    d) Then you boot up into whichever partition you want for your EDIUS.

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  • murat unal
    started a topic installing two different versiyon Edius

    installing two different versiyon Edius

    Hi, everyone. I just got a new station a couple of days ago. I started my new documantary editing with DV format. After 5 minutes capturing, "destination drive disk too slow" warning appeared. I'll try Mpeg2 capture, but working Mpeg with this station is sad. I searched the forums and tried some advices but my problem doesn't solve. At the office i have no such a problem with lower editing systems and old versiyon Edius softwares.

    So, my question is; Is it possible to install and run two different Edius version at the same time on a machine. May be at Edius 4.10 or 3.5 the capture problem doesn't exist and after that i can editing with 4.61.


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