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Repeat Layout tools changes to all clips

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  • Repeat Layout tools changes to all clips

    I am resurrecting an old 8mm video that was converted to a DVD file. I have imported the vob file into Edius. The video is very jumpy and is full of blurred frames etc.
    I am cutting out alot of the bad video (even cutting 5 or so frames out of the scenes where neccessary). I just purchased Mercalli which so far doesn't really help things too much. I am using the layout tool to resize the video to about 60% so that important video outside the "safe area" is not lost.
    Since I have a multitude of small segments how do I apply the layout tool resizing to all of the segments at the same time? It doesn't seem to want to apply the 60% resizing when I select all clips!

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    Make a new sequence and apply layout tool to it.
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      put in out to cover all clips.

      Add sequence to bin.
      double click that new sequence in the bin.
      Now tab will open in the timeline.
      go to it click on the sequence on the timeline
      press f7
      do your layout

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        Bingo. Thanks!