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  • GrassValley_KH
    For one to receive an e-mail, first an e-mail must be sent. This is handled by a different department for communications now, whom are yet to employ the Web site's mail listing functions.

    My best advice, is to learn up on RSS subscription - the announcments forum here uses such technology, meaning you will get notification on any new posts that appear there.

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  • Keith Elliott
    started a topic No email notifications

    No email notifications

    I am registered on GrassValley/Canopus website to receive notifications of updates, etc via email. I've been set up there for over a year and have never received an email. The email address is correct, and I have reset the alert requests at least three times. I was never notified when Edius 4.6 was updated, and who knows what else I'm not getting. I called the Grass Valley cust service and they didnt have an answer.

    Anyone else have an answer? Thanks!