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    Hi - a company has asked us me to do a B Roll tape for newsroom broadcast. We never do broadcast stuff normally as it's too stress inducing!

    However, there's some dumb questions:-

    1. My EDIUS (3.51) timeline has been set for the proper timecode i.e 9.57.00 with colour bars, tone and 3 secs black.

    2. The audio db level for the tone is -18dB which is correct I think?.

    3. What levels in EDIUS should my audio be aimed at? Also what relationship is the broadcast tone to my news piece audio level?

    4. When exporting the tape (they will accept dvCAM even though I'm shooting on digiBeta) - are there any particular settings I have to use to ensure that the timecode on my B Roll tape reflects exactly what's on the timeline? I hear that TV producers reject tapes for the slightest thing, although maybe a bit more flexi since the advent of camcorders and 'viewer' pices sent in.

    any other tips appreciated thanks.


    ps the tape has to go out by Tuesday morning 26th August.

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    This might help tv_standards_london.pdf - these are the BBC's Technical Requirements. Most UK channels are pretty similar if not identical. However, as you say it is B-roll material your client should not be as picky as for a TX master.

    Andrew Pinder
    Edius 9 with Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k; Windows 10 (64 bit Pro); Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro; i9-9900K CPU; 32GB RAM;
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