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  • Edius DVD2MPEG

    is there someone who can help me...

    yesterday i downloaded a trail of EDIUS but have a couple of questions...

    i what i want to do is making a mpeg2 file from a DVD (movie) with dutch subtitles intergrated into the MPEG files.....

    i've tried diverent ways to make this happening but the fastest way without losing a lot of quality takes 3 sofware packages and 7 hours of time...

    so some one advised me to use Edius to make this work.. the only part right now is i can load the movie part from dvd into Edius, but i'm not able to add the subtitles from the DVD.. is someone familiar with the same situation or can help me to load the subtitles into the timeline?

    best regards,

    Eltjo Schol

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    You'll need to extract the original subpicture track from the DVD, and convert it to a collection of images (Bitmaps typically). These can then be loaded onto a title track, but you'll still have to manually stretch and place those subtitles yourself.

    A lot of bother that could probably be saved by using third-party muxing software..