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    Originally posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
    If you have a different machine with EDIUS, you can download the EDIUS demo and try it on that. That should give you a clean environment (EDIUS-wise) to test on.
    Except if the data is VariCam (which I suspect it is, with the funky frequencies) - the demo won't let you use VariCam content. It will only load the audio data. (ie. appear as an audio clip in the Bin window)


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      Good point... if it's VariCam, no-workie with demo.


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        My first thought was that it was a 2:2 pulldown issue, and that the program was reading the pseudo interlace files as prog or some such. However they were mostly varicam files but not all, actually I was purposefully shooting a straight 'filmcam' progressive 720/25p and even a native 25pn file as controls.

        The only linking factor is the system frequency...

        I'll keep those particular files til I get home in a couple of weeks, get Edius anew and try them, that will pin it down to a corrupted version of the prog.

        BTW I am in Pakistan, not much works here as it should!