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  • Partial render

    I have searched this forum....but
    I have 6 clips music.........
    I have done some filtering, and rendered out the results...
    but now, when I move the clips, edius tells me to re-rendered it??
    Is this normal, or what am I missing ??
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    This is normal.


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      yes, this is normal... if you want to keep the parts you render choose render and add to timeline...
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        I have yet to completely figure out Edius's "Smart Rendering" and prefer "Render and Add to Timeline" (RAATT)

        The virtue is in it's abilities to save to the Bin, trim, and change speed like any clip. Some may have contrary ideas, but this is how I work.
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          You have to clip render. clip render follows clip around the timeline
          select clip and then use shift +G. You will see a green line on the clip. Now you can move the clip to whatever track you want up and down the timeline and the render will follow the clip.

          Try it you will be happy. :)

          You will not need render add to time line...oh well when you do alpha things you would.:(

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            Thanks for the tip, I´ll try it....
            A computer with a lot of stuff in it :)