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  • Program Freeze Problems...

    I was having problems editing mpeg 4 clips now I'm having a bigger problem. I did download the patch so I have the latest version of Edius Neo 1.10. When I drop a clip into the timeline it works just fine. When I want to actually play the clip and hit the play button or another the program freezes. So everytime I try to start a project and edit clips I will hit play and it freezes. I have to exit the program and don't know exactly what the problem is. I want to this program to work for me.

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    Did you try to convert your .mp4 into Canopus HQ through ProCoder ?


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      No, now i'm trying to edit clips from my canon camera. I was trying to edit AVI files in Edius Neo. I put the files into the timeline and they work just fine. I hit the play button or another button and poof. Then the program freezes and I can't do nothing. I'm not able to get the program to work for me right now and don't know how to fix this.


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        Which model of Canon camera? Do you have a sample clip that you can always crash EDIUS with?